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The DLE Filter module for DataLife Engine Download free Dle plugin

Grabber on the base of films and series collaps for CMS DLE (DataLife Engine),  with automatic raising of series when new series  and  films are released when a new quality is released,  as well as checking by ID Kinopoisk and the ability to automatically send news about a new film -  to social networks (VKontakte, Telegram, Twitter)! 
 and with data about the film / series from Kinopoisk 

With this module you can make  auto-filled online cinema  in a few minutes. It is possible to automatically raise the series when new episodes are released, with a change in the title of the episode and season, as well as raise films when a new quality is released. And also the ability to specify to parse new items first or in order as they are in the database.

Datalife engine plugin free download
As well as the limitation: parse only movies, only TV series, only cartoons or only anime

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